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Non-Programming Algorithm Courses

Line Following Robot

Line Following Robot is a mobile machine, which senses and follows a line drawn on the floor. The line must be in visible black colour on a white surface. As we have eliminated the use of a microcontroller, you will feel comfortable in building your first robot without any knowledge on programming.



Edge Avoiding Robot

Looking to build an application-oriented robot from scratch? Thumbs up! It’s gonna be Edge Avoiding Robot (also known as Pit Robot), which is designed to avoid pit or hole on the pathway. You may be amazed on where it can be employed. Well, this technique is used in floor cleaning robots to avoid falling from stairs during its cleaning process.

Rs. 2100/-

Accident Avoider Robot

Have you heard of Self-driving cars? If yes, then you would be interested in building our Accident Avoider Robot. It is also known as Obstacle Avoiding Robot, which can move from one place to another without damaging any objects on its pathway. Our research team have put their efforts in making this robot as simple as ever. This robot doesn’t require any kind of microcontroller, and gives additional advantage for the beginners to build it with ease.


Switch-Controlled Robot

Switch-Controlled Robot is a mobile device operated using two DPDT switches. Normally, a DPDT switch can make a motor to move in both directions i.e. forward and reverse. It is almost similar to remote control cars, but this will act as a base knowledge for building robots.


Solar Tracking Robot

Solar Tracking Robot always stays in the place of direct sunlight. We developed this robot for two applications:

  • To store power using solar panel
  • To place a plant at a direct sunlight

Rs. 2105/-

Mobile Controlled Robot

Are you crazy in controlling your robot wirelessly? We have various modes of wireless options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, etc., but these wireless modes have restrictions in its operating distances. To overcome this limitation, we have come up with Mobile Controlled Robot which can operate your robot anywhere from the World. All you need is the signal and balance in your mobile phone.

Rs. 2480/-

Arduino Algorithm Courses

Edge Avoiding Robot using Arduino

Wanna make your first Application-oriented Arduino Robot? Cheer up! You are at the right place to learn. We have come up with an intelligent robot that can avoid edges or pits on its pathway. One of the major advantages of this robot is that it can sense edges on both sides (i.e. right & left). It can be implemented in floor cleaning robots, massage robots, and more. If you have little knowledge on C programming and electronic components, then you can build it easily.

Rs. 2800/-

Accident Avoider Robot using Arduino

Our next lineup on Arduino Robots series is Accident Avoider Robot. This robot (also commonly known as Obstacle Avoiding Robot) is programmed to move from one place to another without damaging any objects on its pathway. We have already designed a non-programming Accident Avoider Robot previously in our Self Learning courses, and the reason to come up with this robot is to make the learners experience the comfort level in programming robots.


Full HD Video Courses

RF Controlled Wireless Robot

Are you tired of making wired robots? Chill! RF Controlled Wireless Robot could bring back your interest. You may be aware of other wireless modes like Mobile, Bluetooth, xBee, etc., but RF control stands a way bit higher for its easy to develop, connect, and control features. The major advantage of RF Robot is that it doesn’t require any programming. So, if you are a beginner, you can build this robot with ease.

Rs. 2350/-

Mobile Controlled Robot using Arduino

Are you interested in building a robot that can be controlled by your smartphone? Thumbs up!! You gotta chance to develop it from our first ever HD Video Training. We have previously designed a non-programmable Mobile Controlled Robot in our Self Learning, and there was a major drawback on its controlling options. To overcome this issue, we have integrated Arduino to set our own controlling options.

Rs. 3100/-


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