edge avoiding robot without microcontroller

Looking to build an application-oriented robot from scratch? Thumbs up! It’s gonna be Edge Avoiding Robot (also known as Pit Robot), which is designed to avoid pit or hole on the pathway. You may be amazed on where it can be employed. Well, this technique is used in floor cleaning robots to avoid falling from stairs during its cleaning process.

Anyone passionate in robotics and having little bit knowledge in basic electronics can build this robot with ease. Our research team has done a gem of work to make this robot simple and effective for the beginners. It is developed without microcontroller and hence no tough coding.

Catch the action of Edge Avoiding Robot without microcontroller in the below video:


Key Features:

  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Full HD Pictures
  • Developed by Robotic Experts
  • Simple as ever
  • 100% Output Guaranteed
  • 30 min Free Skype Support with our Robotic Experts (Optional)
  • 7 Chapters, 6 Topics, & 1 Quiz
  • Real Time Application
  • Learn from anywhere
  • Lifetime Technical Support via Ask JAY


Prerequisite: Good Knowledge on Basic Electronic Components

Best Age for Learning: 12+ Years

Difficulty Level: Easy

Course Access: 150 days


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