FABRO Intermediate

Develop your own Projects


FABRO Intermediate is a 30-hour course for those who are interested in learning Arduino programming. It was started in a motto to make you develop your own final year projects instead of heading towards a project center.


  • Basics of Arduino Programming
  • Blinking LED
  • Varying Intensity of LED
  • Interfacing IR Sensor Module with Arduino
  • Experimenting IR Receiver
  • Interfacing LDR
  • Interfacing Temperature Sensor
  • Interfacing Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Interfacing LCD display (16 x 2) with Arduino
  • Interfacing remote with Arduino
  • Turning ON & OFF an LED using Arduino
  • Real time application with Arduino


  • Come in my Way Robot
  • Pit Robot
  • Take Diversion Robot
  • Robot Shuttler
  • Robotel

Course Details

  • Eligibility: Basic knowledge in C programming
  • Duration: 30 hours
  • Required: A laptop for programming Arduino
  • Class Timings: Convenient time between 11 am to 6 pm

What is the use of learning it?

  • Learn Arduino programming from the root
  • Able to develop 2000+ Arduino projects
  • Make your own final year project

FABRO Intermediate (RoboVilla)

Our Trainers at Your Doorstep
  • One complete free project/robot kit required for the course
  • Study materials
  • Course completion certificate

I was new to Arduino and it was a great experience learning in JAY Robotics Club. I haven’t thought that I can write my own program for a project. Yeah, it happened and I am quite happy with the output.