FABRO Advanced

Build up your Robot Ideas


FABRO Advanced is a special course for those who are interested in developing robots with and without programming. It is a mix-up course of FABRO basic and intermediate.

Startup Projects:

  1. Battery Charger Kit
  2. Making of IR Sensor Module


  1. Come In My Way Robot
  2. White Tracker Robot
  3. Follow Me Robot
  4. Photo Detector Robot
  5. Pit Robot
  6. Take Diversion Robot
  7. Sticky Robot
  8. Robotel
  9. Robot Shuttler
  10. Touch-control Robot
  11. Radio Robot
  12. Touch-control Radio Robot
  13. Detective Robot
  14. IP Robot
  15. Mobile Pick & Place Robot

Arduino Projects:

  1. Basics of Arduino Programming
  2. Blinking LED
  3. Varying Intensity of LED
  4. Interfacing IR Sensor with Arduino
  5. Experimenting IR Receiver
  6. Interfacing LDR
  7. Interfacing Temperature Sensor
  8. Interfacing Ultrasonics Sensor
  9. Interfacing LCD display (16 x 2) with Arduino
  10. Interfacing TV remote with Arduino
  11. Turning ON & OFF an LED using TV Remote
  12. Controlling CFL Bulb using TV Remote

Arduino Robots:

  1. Come In My Way Robot
  2. Pit Robot
  3. Take Diversion Robot
  4. Robotel
  5. Robot Shuttler

Course Details:

  • Eligibility: Basic knowledge on C programming
  • Duration: 45 hours
  • Required: A laptop for programming Arduino
  • Class Timings: Convenient time between 11 am to 6 pm

What is the use of learning it?

  • Get to know the basics of electronic components
  • Develop robots with and without programming
  • Learn robotics and Arduino programming from the root
  • Able to develop 2000+ Arduino projects
  • Make your own final year project

I am an engineering student, and I was asked to develop my own mini-project from my college. I and my friends joined FABRO – Advanced course, so that we can learn and submit anyone of the robot for our mini-project. But, the ideas delivered by the trainers made us to build our own six-axis pick and place robot.


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Arduino Robots

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FABRO Advanced (RoboVilla)

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  • One complete free project/robot kit required for the course
  • Study materials
  • Course completion certificate
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