FABRO Scientist - Level 2

Maze Solving Robot (Micromouse)

FABRO Scientist – Level 2 involves making of Maze Solving Robot (Micromouse), which will be able to solve maze of any size (5 x 5 or 16 x 16 or 32 x 32). Many International Micromouse competition has 16 x 16 maze cells, where there will be one starting cell and end cell. The robot has to traverse through the maze by detecting the walls and reach the end cell. The robot with the shortest time to reach the end cell will be awarded the winner. In this course, you will learn the algorithm and coding techniques needed to achieve the task.


  • Maze Solving Robot (Solves all Maze Sizes)


  • 90 hours


  • Should have completed FABRO Scientist – Level 1 course in JAY Robotics Club


  • Expert knowledge in C Programming
  • A laptop for programming the microcontroller

What is the use of learning it?

  • Involves state machine AI algorithm
  • Can understand & develop complicated robot algorithms and start implementing it in robots
  • Can participate in one of the most widely competed competitions worldwide, where you can represent on behalf of our country

Check out the performance of robots in the below video:

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