FABRO - Basic

FABricating ROboticians


FABRO Basic is a robotics course, where you can learn all the basics of developing a robot right from scratch. In the course of training, you will learn to develop 15 different application-oriented robots without programming.


  1. Battery Charger Kit
  2. Making of IR Sensor Module


  1. Come In My Way Robot
  2. White Tracker
  3. Pit Robot
  4. Follow Me Robot
  5. Photo Detector Robot
  6. Touch-control Robot
  7. Take Diversion Robot
  8. Sticky Robot
  9. Robotel
  10. IP Robot
  11. Robot Shuttler
  12. Radio Robot
  13. Touch-control Radio Robot
  14. Detective Robot
  15. Mobile Pick & Place Robot

Eligibility: 12+ years of age

Duration: 24 hours

Class Timings: Convenient time between 11 am to 6 pm

What is the use of learning it?

  • Learn robotics right from scratch
  • Get to know the basic electronic components
  • Develop your own robots without programming

This course was very informative and and i have learned a lot from this course


FABRO - Basic (RoboVilla)

Our Trainers at Your Doorstep
  • One complete free robot kit required for the course
  • Study materials
  • Course completion certificate