About Us

What We Do?

JAY Robotics, an innovative Robotics Training and Workshop Company in Chennai aims in providing robotics training to everyone, who has a wide interest in developing their own application-oriented robots.

Innovative Learning is Fun

We categorize people into two types:

  • Theoretically Knowledged Peoples
  • Practically Skilled Peoples

If we ask which kind of people do you prefer the most? No doubts, everyone will give an answer as Practically Skilled Peoples. But, no one follows it and even no one tries to take an attempt on it.

“Humans are thinkers and Humans are Doers”

In a note of promoting practical skills, we provide hands-on robotics training right from scratch, where everyone will taste the sweetness of practical and innovative learning.

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”

We believe it, and we have experienced it. Join us to feel it!

We like to accept challenges and we like to express it by providing robotics training to everyone, whoever it may be either a school student or an engineering student or an arts and science college student or a non-technical people or a housewife. The only thing we prefer is the passion for robotics. If you have a real interest in robotics and if you are above 9 years of age, then we will make you develop your first robot with ease.

We offer various kinds of robotics program such as

And more robotics programs are in the research phase, which will be for your innovative learning as soon as possible. We have a research and development team, where we like to prove something in robotics to this World on behalf of India.

Our trainers are very well qualified and specialized in the field of robotics, and they have a lot of passion in robotics.

We aim in serving as a safe and fun robotics workspace for the students to pursue their interest in robotics.

We are currently providing robotics workshops and training in Chennai, and hoping to develop it to more centers all around India in the coming years.

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