JAY ROBOTRIKZ 2015 (January)

Winner: Hemanth & Kishore of RMK Engg College (Rs.22000)

JAY ROBOTRIKZ 2015 (January)

Runner: Kamesh Arvind of MNM Jain Engg College (Rs.3000)

JAY ROBOTRIKZ 2015 (January)

What was JAY Robotrikz 2015 (January) all about?

JAY Robotrikz 2015 is a new and tricky robot competition inaugurated by JAY Robotics Club. This robot competition gives you a great opportunity to show your innovative ideas to others and yourself. It also enhances your practical knowledge on robotics, and molds you as a real-time engineer.

Our mantra “Innovative Learning is Fun”

Now adds

“Innovative Learning is Fun with Innovative Ideas”

Join JAY Robotrikz 2015 and Get a guaranteed prize worth Rs.1500/-*

Competition Line

jay robotrikz 2015 line

Competition Details:

Date: January 7, 2015

Time: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm

Venue: Lakshmi Mahal, Perumbur Barracks Road, Purasawalkam, Chennai – 7.

Team Size: Up to 2 students

Registration Fee: Rs.1000/- per team

Registration Mode: Online

Last date to register: January 6, 2015 (On Spot Registrations will not be accepted)

Eligibility: Open to everyone

Age: 12+ years

Competition Rules
  • Black Line following robot without processors or controllers are only eligible.
  • No manual controls are allowed
  • Must be a fully automated black line follower robot
  • You can design in Printed Circuit Board (PCB), General Purpose Board (GPB), or Bread Board (BB), whichever is convenient.
  • Lego robots are not allowed and no kind of NXT program is allowed
  • Design a Robot for the smallest possible width of black line
  • The robot will have to travel a maximum of 8 meters, so design appropriate batteries
  • Batteries will not be allowed to change during the course of competition
  • Points will be awarded based on the performance
  • The team with the highest points will be announced as the winner
  • Judges decision will be final.
Marks Criteria
  • The robot will be considered for prizes only if it completes the whole circuit
  • If 2 or more robots complete the circuit, the robot with the shortest time for completing the circuit will be awarded the first prize
  • The team members are allowed to adjust the robot only twice after it gets started
  • Handling of robot in the arena will result in 5 negative points
Ways of Disqualification
  • Competitors should provide suitable arrangements for protection of batteries, any kind of short circuit inside the competition arena will result in disqualification
  • Voltage anywhere on the robot should not exceed 12V DC. While on the technical inspection if anywhere is found more than 12V DC, instant settings should be changed to 12V or less than that, and if not the case will lead the particular competitor to disqualify
  • Handling of the robot for more than two times in competition arena will lead to disqualification
  • If any kind of manual control is used for controlling the robot, then particular competitors will  automatically be disqualified
  • Disqualified competitors cannot claim for refund of registration amount so make sure you read all Rules and Regulation before Registering.
Awards & Prizes

Winners: Rs.22,000/-

Runners: Rs.3000/-

Each participant will get a participant certificate

*Coupon worth Rs.1500/- will be rewarded to join any FABRO course in the JAY Robotics Club.

Open Competition
  1. What is Open Competition?

Open Competition is something in which everyone irrespective of their age, irrespective of their education, irrespective of their profession, will be eligible for participating in Competition.

  1. Why Open-Competition?

Level of technical thinking, and level of imagination is not at all constrained in Open-competition, even if you are in tenth grade you will be competing with professionals from which you can estimate where you stand among the globe. On the next-year with all the hard work, you can win the Open-competition and start competing around the globe, which eventually result in being a Global Icon.

  1. Will JAY Robotrikz be always an Open-Competition?

Yes, at JAY Robotics Club, we do believe that competing with everyone irrespective of age and education will sure develop us into greater technical personality and so we have no idea whatsoever to change the Competition status.


Don’t know how to make this robot? No worries, click the below link:

Self Learning – Line Following Robot

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