AIO Board

A Replacement for Pre-Fabricated Kits

JAY Robotics Club’s All In One (AIO) Board is specially designed for kids with eagerness to learn robotics. We have designed for almost 8 different robots. panathinaikos اي دوري Normally people allow kids to work only with pre-fabricated kits in which neither they will learn the concepts nor they will understand the working and we were looking for a solution to bridge this gap and the result we got is AIO board. رياضة يورو 2023

We have incorporated the motor driving circuits, logic gates ic’s, and Dual tone multi frequency decoder (DTMF Decoder) in one board, which will be easier for kids or beginners to learn the concepts as well understand how it works, and as a result they will be able to develop 8 different kind of application oriented robots, which will enhance their creativity as well as develop a platform to implement their creative ideas into product.


  • Come in my way Robot
  • White Tracker
  • Pit Robot
  • Take Diversion Robot
  • Follow Me Robot
  • Photo Detector
  • Robotel
  • Robot Shuttler

We have designed this board keeping in mind, students get their hands-on experience in a fun way, and we are confident that kids will get to know lots about basic electronic circuits, conditions of running motor, and wiring etc.

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