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Is your child interested in building robots? Yeah! Kidz Botix is designed to keep your child fun in developing eight different robots using our AIO Board. Join now and Have fun!

Duration: 12 Hours | Eligibility: 8+ years

Price: Rs. 2999/- (Complete Robot Kit Free)



Simple Botix is a specially designed robotics course for beginners. It includes making of four different robots in which the learners will spend a lot of time in hands-on training to enhance their basic knowledge in robotics.

Duration: 12 hours | Eligibility: 12+ years

Price: Rs.3499/- (Complete Robot Kit Free)



After learning to develop wired robots, now it could be the right course to move forward to remove the need of wires. In Wireless Botix, you will learn to develop three different wireless controlled robots without programming.

Duration: 12 hours | Eligibility: 12+ years

Price: Rs.4499/- (Complete Robot Kit Free excluding Spy Camera)



Interested in programming microcontrollers and building your own projects? Then, Embeduino is the right course to choose up in which you will be learning all the basic thing to program a microcontroller using Arduino.

Duration: 16 hours | Eligibility: Basic C Programming Knowledge

Price: Rs.3999/- (Complete Project Kit Free)



Roboduino is a 20-hour robotics course, which includes the hands-on training of eight robots with and without Arduino.

Duration: 20 hours | Eligibility: Basic C Programming Knowledge

Price: Rs.5999/- (Complete Robot Kit Free)


FABRO Courses

fabro basic

FABRO - Basic

FABRO – Basic is a robotics course, where you can learn all the basics of developing a robot right from scratch. In the course of robotics training, you will learn to develop 10 different application-oriented robots without programming.

Duration: 24 hours

Price: Rs.6999/- (Complete Robot Kit Free excluding Spy Cam)

fabro intermediate

FABRO Intermediate

FABRO – Intermediate is a 30-hour course for those who are interested in learning Arduino programming. It was started in a motto to make you develop your own final year projects instead of heading towards a project center.

Duration: 30 hours

Price: Rs.8499/- (Complete Project Kit Free)

fabro advanced

FABRO Advanced

FABRO – Advanced is a special course for those who are interested in developing robots with and without programming. It is a mix-up course of FABRO basic and intermediate.

Duration: 45 hours

Price: Rs.11999/- (Complete Robot & Project Kit Free excluding Spy Cam)

FABRO Scientist – Level 1

self balancing robot without encoders

FABRO – Scientist is a robotic program, where we fabricate passionate engineer students to a level of robotic scientist. We have planned to go for more levels in the upcoming days, where we teach more complicated algorithms and artificial intelligence concepts to the students in the aim of making the students a World Robotic Icon. In FABRO Scientist – Level I, you will get your hands dirty in building up robots with new concepts.

  • PID Line Following Robot
  • Self Balancing Robot

Duration: 45 hours

Price: Rs.15999/- (One Complete Robotic Kit Free)

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FABRO Scientist – Level 2

maze solving robot

FABRO Scientist – Level 2 involves making of Maze Solving Robot (Micromouse), which will be able to solve maze of any size (5 x 5 or 16 x 16 or 32 x 32). Many International Micromouse competition has 16 x 16 maze cells, where there will be one starting cell and end cell. The robot has to traverse through the maze by detecting the walls and reach the end cell. The robot with the shortest time to reach the end cell will be awarded the winner. In this course, you will learn the algorithm and coding techniques needed to achieve this task.

  • Maze Solving Robot (Micromouse)

Duration: 90 hours

Price: Rs.28000/- (One Complete Robot Kit Free)

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Robotics Workshop

Contact us for free robotics demo at your school or college (only in & near Chennai)

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Robotics Training in Chennai



Our Unique Strengths


  • Learn Robotics right from Scratch
  • Leading Robotics Training & Robotics Workshop Providers
  • Application-based Robotics Courses
  • Dedicated Research & Development Team
  • Robotics Competition conducted twice a year with huge prize money
  • Safe & Fun Workspace
  • Highly Qualified Trainers
  • Robotics Solutions for Industries
  • Classes taken in almost all communication mediums
  • Lifetime Q&A Support for all learners

Students Thoughts! Words that means a Lot

FABRO Advanced course by JAY Robotics Club was excellent. I would suggest them to also provide workshops from other branches of electronics like signal processing & Raspberry Pi. Great job JAY Robotics. Thank You.

Arokia Bharat

M.Tech VLSI, SRM University

The workshop experience was awesome and very informative. Overall it was very good and I am eager for advanced workshops.

Kirthik Soni

IX STD, Maharishi Vidhya Mandir School, Chetpet

The workshop was well organized and informative. I have a clear vision in robots now.


BE ECE, Sathyabama University


swamys school
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